About Us

Hello and welcome to TWEET!

We are TWEET, The Women in Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications at UNSW.

Founded in 2014, TWEET aims to connect women in all fields of electrical engineering, create lasting friendships and connection, and change the face of electrical engineering.

TWEET offers female EET students at UNSW a place to meet, get to know each other and share experiences. The society provides an avenue for female EET students to receive academic advice, form friendships and further career development.

Our Objectives

  • To connect female electrical engineering & telecommunications (EE&T) students, both in undergraduate and postgraduate years
  • To provide members with professional development and networking opportunities with female alumni, industry and research representatives.
  • To increase participation of and highlight achievements by females in the EE&T sector
  • To support the activities of other UNSW women in engineering focused societies

How to Find Out More

We post most of our events on our Facebook page.

Otherwise feel free to browse this website or Contact Us.